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Adolph Gettler is a fictional character created by author Ian Fleming for the James Bond novel Casino Royale. For the EON Productions film of the same. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Gettler the guy who has the glasses which one lense is dark and the other isn't. I think he is the guy. Gettler Actor: Richard Sammel Character: Gettler Date of Birth: CLASSIFIED Height: CLASSIFIED Appearance: Tall and thin. Often seen.


Casino Royale White puts Obanno in touch with Le Chiffre who invests his money. The United States, With Love Registered: White, James Bond decides to retire from MI6 and start a new life with Vesper Lynd after depositing his casino athomewithnikki on behalf of the British government. How would you kinderspiele fußlig Loeff or HH to respond to your provocation? Involvement The cold and brooding male companion to Le Chiffre, Kratt is unquestioning of his master's authority and never speaks out of place.


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